Extruder Filter

Extruder Filter is an essential component in the Plastic Film Blowing Machine which is called the cleaner. It protects the flow channel from damage by the dusty and filter the contaminants out as well. Depends on the different materials and extruders, customers are able to choose different types of filters to meet their requirements. Filter is allocated between the Extruder and the Extrusion Die Head. In order to fit the different types of feeding system and adjust the layout of equipment, it is available to install extra adapter, connector and joint for Filter. Furthermore, Filter increases friction drag of the bleeding material to bring back pressure and make the material mix well.

double extruder screen changer
Durable Extruder Screen Changer

Durable Screen Changer, which also called Candle Type Screen Changer is a functional device. It increases the pressure to filter out the impurity of polymer to increase the quality of film. It is also available for customers to equip with Pressure Sensor to monitor the variety of pressure.

Manual Screen Changer
Manual Extruder Screen Changer

Extrusion Manual Screen Changer is able to filter out most of the impurity of polymer and improve the quality of film. Furthermore, it is also an ideal solution to shorten the downtime and reduce the working cost. With the precision design, it is easy to replace the extruder screen pack inside.

Extrusion Filter
Extrusion Filter

Extrusion Filter is the most economical way to be installed in Plastic Film Blowing Machine. The characteristic of Extrusion Filter can save time and simplize operation step or process. The Extrusion Filter is usually used with the Extruder of single layer and multi-layers. Also, it is available to install an adaptor to match the feeding solution of the Die Head if needed. Furthermore, customers can also choose to mount Pressure Sensor to monitor the variety of pressure.