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The quality of products presents the experiences and techniques a company have. In this grand event of CHINAPLAS, Eterlong focuses on Multi-Layer Blown Film Die Heads with Stackable and Spiral Type which brings customers an option to update their machine. Besides, in order to follow the new trend of plastic restriction and government protection, we concern about the issue of biodegradable. As the consultant of blown film extrusion machine, our mission is “Providing the best quality and competitive world-class components to the end users through innovative technology.”

Die Head for Multilayer Blown Film Extrusion

Eterlong has acquired a vast amount of experience in design and manufacturing Die Heads. We can offer blown film die layers up to 11 with die diameter reach 1.5 meter. In addition, Eterlong’s Multi-Layers Extruder Die Heads focus on the design of channels, due to the pressure and temperature control that are affected by the plastic film. It combines incompatible polymers in one step, and distribute the polymer melt evenly, in order to make the film thickness uniform. Also, the final products have all the desired properties at a significantly cost to the customer.

Capability of Design and Manufacture :

  • From 3 Layers up to 11 Layers
  • Maximum manufacture outside diameter is 1.5 meter
  • Stackable Type / Spiral Type channel design
  • Supporting a variety of plastic raw materials

Application :

  • Packaging Film
  • Barrier Film for food packaging
  • Technical Film for high-tech applications
  • Sealing Film
  • Medical Film
  • Shrink and Stretch Film

Features :

  • Fast heating capability
  • Reduction of leakage and maintenance issues
  • Optimal flow distribution and thermal uniformity
  • Processes various thermal properties simultaneously
  • Equipped with IBC system to increase production output

Types of Multi-Layer Blown Film Die

Multi-Layer Blown Film Die divides into two types which are stackable and spiral. Both these two types have their characteristics. Regarding to different material, Eterlong’s Multi-Layers Die Head focus on the design of channels. Stackable type can control the temperature independently. As for Spiral type, it combines incompatible polymers in one step, and distribute the polymer melt evenly, in order to make the film thickness uniform. The form of molten film to flow through the channel is differences as well. The flow path for polymer in Stackable type is goes up layers by layers. For the Spiral type, the polymer goes up straightly through the channel to arrive the adapter which connects to the filter. Depending on different needs, Eterlong offers the most suitable Multi-Layers Die Head for customers to meet their requirements.

multi layer die head stackable type

multi layer die head spiral type

Biodegradable Film Blowing Machine

As the process of market trend and policies, Eterlong's technology is constantly innovating. Furthermore, we devote to biodegradable recently. Biodegradable Blown Film Machine can be decomposed in nature and called green materials and be used in the Plastic Film Blowing Machine very simply. Nowadays, as the policies of plastic restrict had implemented in many countries, it becomes an issue you cannot ignore. Using biodegradation will not only protect our planet, but also make more profits for your company. If you want to get more information about Biodegradable Blown Film Machine, please contact us.

Feature :

  • Uses 100% biodegradable materials
  • Friendly environment
  • Increase value of economic
  • Shorter changeover time
Biodegradable Film Blowing Machine

We are sincerely welcome everyone to join this grand event with us. If you have any interest or inquiry in our product, please visit our booth or check our website for Die Head of Multilayer Blown Film Extrusion to get more information.


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